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Richard Norman Burton

08 April 1960 -  25 October 2016

The family wishes to announce the sudden death of Richard Norman Burton on 25 October 2016


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Cierha Burton (Daughter)

Written on 10 November 2016 from Walthamstow, london

It's the hardest thing knowing that you wont be around anymore, but i know you will always be looking out for me & your Grand daughter Ava. You were her hero, her "jah-jah" her best friend & know one can ever replace the bond you both had. I love you dad & thank you for everything you ever did for me. You was always there for me & always let me have the freedom to be who i wanted to be. I know you are at peace now & are with your own dad Norman. I love you always. Keeks x

Ava (Grand daughter)

Written on 10 November 2016 from London

To my Jah-Jah

I love you & know that you are now a bright star in the sky. I will keep making you proud & continue being the funny , clever little girl that you know.

Lot's of love always

Ava x

Sawsan Hakim & Maha Hakim (colleagues)

Written on 15 November 2016 from London

All of us loved Richard, he will be cherished in our memories forever. Our condolences to his family.

Maria Parvez (A good friend)

Written on 16 November 2016 from Leyton Ward

My dearest friends and kids
I drive and find myself welling with tears not for me or your lovable Dad but for you all. If i had a magic wand I would have waved it to take away this pain you are all going through. All i can offer is my prayers and physically be there to help you.
Your dad will always be watching out for you.
Biiiiiig hugs and prayers. Parvezexxxxx

Alex Burton (Son)

Written on 16 November 2016 from Walthamstow, London

Hi Dad. It's Alex.

Where are you?
Oh! Heaven.
That's nice.

Dad did you have a little chat with Nanny? Ha! Ha! Ha!
Did you find your Dad? Yes.....? Oh good.

Dad, Dad. As you are not here, I am always up in the loft sorting our your stuff and playing your CD's It's just so messy! But don't worry, I will look after it for you.

Dad, I will miss you. And I am sad.

But you will always be an "Angel in my Heart."

Dad, if you want me, just call me.

Lots of love,

Albee xxxxxxxxxx


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